Tomasu x Big Green Egg box

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What’s in the box:
• Tomasu smoke chips
• Big Green Egg Cedar Smoking plank
• Tomasu Soy Sauce 200 ml
• Pourer
• Wooden brush

The smoke chips come from the barrels in which Tomasu soy sauce fermented for at least 24 months. The barrels are crushed afterwards, so they can be used as smoke chips in your EGG. It creates a unique smoky taste with nutty tones of the soy.

The Big Green Egg smoking plank is made of cedar wood and gives every dish an aromatic, smoky taste. Using the pourer, trickle some Tomasu soy sauce on the plank and rub in with the brush. Use the plank to aromatise vegetables, fish or meat (poultry) with the sweet taste of cedar wood and the salty taste of soy.

Only 500 of these Tomasu x Big Green Egg Boxes have been made. So you have something rather unique in your hands. This limited edition Big Green Egg and Tomasu has been developed purely for foodies who are open to the most beautiful ingredients, new flavours and uncharted culinary terrain. There is a special reason for this limited edition, by the way. Of all the whisky barrels in which Tomasu soy sauce ferments for no less than 24 months, only 1 is released each week. We give it a new life in the form of the smoke chips you find in this box.

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